When did you choose to be straight?

Can a single question influence the way you think about things?  I found it very powerful.


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  1. I think that by asking people when they chose to be straight isn’t really looking at the issue entirely. They use the term straight because it’s normal physiologically and in society. Having gay sex is not easy because the parts don’t match up the way they were intended.
    No one was asked why they chose to be gay after being straight or visa versa why they chose to be straight after being gay.
    I think the question was used more to explode people’s minds and cause a little confusion at the moment of the quick interview.
    There is nothing wrong with being gay if that’s what you are. However some become gay due to other issues in their lives but most of us continue the straight path because our anatomy is built that way especially if we want children.
    No offense was intended to any homosexual person but no one needs to know what is done in anyone’s bedroom just like I don’t need to be reminded that you are black unless you want to be treated like a minority. Assimilate into society and don’t ask for diversity so we all are treated normal.

  2. I see late night tv shows having someone, like Jay Leno, go out and ask basic questions, such as who is the Vice President of the United States? or which Amendment in the Constitution states, “thou shalt not kill?” and people giving real stupid answers, obviously wrong. This reminds me of that. If you pose the wrong question you are BOUND to get the wrong answer, especially from dumb people. Asking when did you choose to be straight is that wrong question and all the answers are dumb.

  3. I believe the questions asked were very thought provoking. However, it doesn’t really matter what we think or feel about homosexuality. What really matters is what God thinks and says about homosexuality. It is clearly wrong in the eyes of God. I have never read in the bible where God asked our opinion or asked us how we feel about things, unless it was a rhetorical question. In the book of Romans 1:25-27, God makes it very clear that his wrath is coming because man “exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator

  4. All I know about my self is that from the earliest time of my life, 5 or 6, that I only had sexual attraction to boys. Though some told me, and I hoped, that I would change when I got older. It never happened. I even went so far as to put myself in a situation with a young lady where all the right moves were made but nothing happened on my end. I apologized to her with a lie saying I had gotten sick & didn’t feel good. Then I apologized to myself for trying to be something other than what I was. I don’t pretend to understand life, but this is my story. If I would’ve had a choice to be straight or gay do you honestly think I would’ve chose gay!!! I’ve hid my true feelings throughout my life to so not to be shamed or misunderstood. I’ve loved God all of my life and I read His Word every day and pray. What I’ve come to accept is that I’ve asked God when I have those feelings to help me forget them. Sometimes I still give in and relieve myself by my self because somehow I believe God knows how hard of a situation I’m am and have dealt with. I would never wish this situation upon anyone else to deal with as it is a living hell. It’s a real damned if you do, damned if I don’t. Oh how I wish it would’ve been just a matter of choice, because no one would want this kind of life to deal with. So all you people can go back & forth arguing about such things as homosexuality being a choice and all that crap. The only choice I’ve had in my life is to act out on what are natural feelings or to not deal with them by suppressing them. I’ve done both, but I nowadays choose to suppress them by pushing them out of my mind . When I’m really struggling I ask Jesus Christ to please help me because I don’t won’t to break my heart and the last thing I don’t want to do is break Jesus’ heart. I’m am absolutely sure that there have been and are now others with the same reality in their life. All I know is, those supposedly “unnatural” desires are the only ones I have EVER had and the sexiest, hottest looking females could strip and do everything in their imagination to excite me and it wouldn’t work. So for those who claim they know people are not born homosexual and that homosexuality is a choice, then it would be you that has come to believe a lie.

    Still believing & hoping that when this earthly life comes to an end for me, that I will stand before Jesus Christ & he will say to me, “Come unto me thy good & faithful servant.” Because I don’t know anything else in this life that I could possibly do that I haven’t tried that would provide a solution to replacing homosexual desires with “natural” heterosexual ones.

    To Christ Be All Glory,


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