The road you take matters.

1 Life Lesson - choices not circumstances.jpgWhere you go in life and whether you enjoy the trip will be determined by your choices, not your circumstances.

In your work life and your personal life you will face choices not merely on what to do but on how you will react or respond to things other did.

Life’s turning points are not marked and they are not always as obvious as cross roads. Often they are hidden within seemingly small choices with unforeseen ramifications – whether to make a comment or hold your tongue, whether to be kind or sarcastic, honest or deceitful;, whether to fulfill or dodge a responsibility.

It’s often impossible to know which choices will have fleeting or enduring impact. 

What we do, especially when we think no one is looking, reveals our values and our character.

Take yourself and your actions seriously and choose widely.

And, above all, stay in touch with and listen to your better angels.

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  1. To MJ or TWIMC. . .

    A thoughtful piece, (the 12/9/2014-The Road U take Matters), yet it’s shallow in not coming from real world perspectives, where life is living & dying facing tough realities “whoever one is & wherever one lives.”

    Like the line, “it’s not your circumstances,” but your choices in life U make which determines your road trips & ones enjoyment? Really!

    So ones choices in life are what, supposed to avoid not choosing those road trips, where life is a bitch showered with death, deceit, destruction & demonic behavior? U Better take a look MJ & read the newspapers, as those Black boys, be they children, teens & young men who died from bullets, what choices did/do they have, this after being taught or believing to have choicely placed their trust in police officers hands? Like the ones who got shot being unarmed & innocent males, they were what, in the wrong places, or in the right places, but @ the wrong times!

    What would U do MJ if U again were 12 to 24 years old, this faced with looking down the barrel of a police officers gun, this as he & other policeman are beating the sh_t out of U, while placing your neck in a choke hold, smothering your face & pounding your head on the concrete?

    U want to rethink your comments made in that article & put it into context re the black dead men, their families & loved ones having individually or collectively made what, the wrong road choices? Or no, where they the right choices, but it proved their being deadly wrong & their soul learning another short life lesson?

    Try writing an intrinsic holistic piece that instructs one, especially youths, young men & for that matter old men, this regardless of skin color on how do U go about trusting the police, much more ones U don’t know, particularly if your a young head strong male trying to survive, eat & live in a USA world gone politically crazy & 75% prejudiced?

    As to the “listening to your better angels” comment, U can do better than that, this if U are really tuned into the hierarchy always floating in the Heavens. Name some of them, give people a “choice” on who Archangel wise are waiting to be asked!

    Plus, one does not just listen with their ears, U do it intuitively in/from your gut & with your heart often instructing your mind. This preferably while in meditations, here to avoid at all costs deadly confrontations & facing up to learn what’s 3rd Dimensional black & white real & that life is not a plate of wonderful by choice ungodly illusions!

    Good-day. . .

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