[VIDEO] Michael Josephson Interviewed on L.A.’s NBC News

In this interview with NBC4’s Conan Nolan, Michael Josephson looks back at 2014. Among the issues discussed: torture and the CIA, Bill Cosby, Ferguson and the NFL.

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  1. The loss of traditional American values can be directly link to the growth of progressivism. My question to Michael is how can we stop individuals who behead innocent individuals, if we do not denounce the system that has influenced the individual to act so violently? A religion that incite its followers to do so?

  2. Thank you, Michael. I did not see or hear this until you posted it. Your statements ring so very true for me. Thank you. Wish this could be broadcast far and wide. How much more important it is for us to listen than to to speak, to gain understanding. My ministry is steeped in reconciliation. With many, that is not a popular perspective. You see it globally. Blessings.

  3. BRENDA,
    Progressivism must mean something entirely different to you. Please clarify how and what you mean.
    Progressive movements gave us the 40 hour work week, women the right to vote, the environment some degree of protection from polluters, consumers the right to have a label of ingredients on the food we consume, etc. Are these not now “traditional American values?”
    What are the traditional values that you allude to?

  4. Michael,

    Thank you for sharing this again in the recent June 18th newsletter, I am (as always) so proud of you and the stand you have always taken in reinforcing ethical values and principles. Our nation’s values have certainly transitioned over the many decades that I have lived, watched and observed. I genuinely appreciate (more than words can convey) your serving as a voice of sound reason and clear insight into this myriad of complex and complicated issues.

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