Dartmouth accuses 64 of cheating in sports ethics class

The cheating involved some students using a handheld device known as a clicker to answer questions for classmates who were absent. Many of the students were athletes and have been suspended for a semester, according to the newspaper.

cheatingThe incident is the latest in a string of academic scandals to hit selective colleges. Harvard University investigated 125 students in 2012 for inappropriate collaboration on a take-home final exam in a U.S. government course. Half were told to withdraw for a year, including the senior co-captains of the basketball team, while the rest were given probation. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill last year detailed an academic fraud that spanned 18 years and made it easier for student athletes to maintain eligibility to play. By MICHAEL McDONALD Bloomberg News

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  1. Note: Clickers for attendance are usually based on thought-questions throughout the lecture. The first few lectures, while students are changing their schedules and registering their clickers, are a good time to circulate attendance sheets that gather signatures. Then after about a week gap, again use both a signup sheet and clickers. Email students who are not recorded by both methods, encouraging a search for explanations. (For example, some clickers are not working because of a low battery or mis-entry of data.) Repeat after about two weeks. This method resolves issues and clarifies situations such as overlap one day a week with a required course that the student has to take to stay on schedule in their major. After entering attendance by 4 or 5 such signup sheets in the first several weeks, I could recognize signatures on exams to avoid students sending in a “ringer” to take it for them. And my occasional random use of both clickers and signup sheets, continued to reinforce the idea that students should be present and use their own clicker.

    Ethical behavior is encouraged by demonstrating that you expect it.

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