It’s not what you think; IT’S WHAT YOU DO.

Its what you work forIt’s not what you think; IT’S WHAT YOU DO.

It’s not who you know, IT’S WHAT YOU KNOW.

It’s not who you were; IT’S WHO YOU ARE.

It’s not where you’re from; IT’S WHERE YOU’RE GOING.

It’s not what you want, IT’S WHAT YOU WORK FOR.

Michael Josephson


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  1. I think there is a direct connection between our ever-eroding ethical standards and the growing greed that characterizes today’s “haves”. “Haves” must regain a level of humility not seen in decades. Greed must be controlled, and humility is what’s needed to do that. That society no longer appreciates humility as a quality characteristic is a tragedy. I think there is a connection with this and our disappearing middle-class. How can we teach ourselves, within each one of us as policeman of our own actions, to (1) understand that we need to maintain a strong middle class, and (2) do our part to foster humility in the next generation? This will allow us to resurrect the ideals that this country (USA) was founded on.

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