1   Sadly, I think the LA superintendent gave terrorists their greatest victory since 9/11. It’s likely terrorists had nothing to do with the threat that caused the superintendent to instill a new level of fear in more than a half million students and the millions of adults who love them.
The level of disruption and the terrible precedent this sets empowers not merely ISIS murderers but also every crazy in the world (and even reckless students), a tool that doesn’t require bombs or guns.
I don’t know whether ISIS or other jihadists formatted this threat (an email to a LAUSD board member from Frankfurt Germany), but the over-reaction of a well-intended, albeit short-sighted, educator certainly has shown how easy it is disrupt the lives of millions of Angelenos and the millions more watching the coverage. (Incidentally, NYC got a similar threat and didn’t view it credible). Please also note that the LA educator did not vet this decision with professionals.
If ISIS had the current capacity to kill kids and teachers in schools doesn’t it seem more likely that they would have done so and THEN threaten to do more?
Now add to this the anxiety, chaos, and cost of the searches of 900 schools by inexperienced educators or staff. And what about the educational impact of closing the schools right before finals?
Suppose the same sort of threat was sent to CNN regarding the candidates preparing for tonight’s debate? Think of the consequences of closing such a massive media event.
If someone has the capacity to carry out the threat why not wait until the school resumes (And what is the test of safety that will justify this decision?)?
Of course we want to protect our kids and grandkids (but that includes protecting them from fear. We can be both cautious and courageous. This is just one more consequence of the current political fear-mongering.

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  1. Fear is how we are controlled. I remember diving under my desk as a 5 year old. Cover and duck, when the air raid siren would go off. I would shake and look outside and cry I knew the bad guys were coming. In 1950’s and 60’s .This changed me as a child and adult. My parents would have radio on and talk around the table about the world coming to an end. It was horrible. My child hood was lost.
    What are we doing to our children?
    We do it to ever generation in this country. The guns makers make money and we are contorted like sheep.
    Stranger danger in our school, it is awful. It is proven kids will still go with someone because they are innocence, until we endocrine them in to believing he world is evil and there is a bad guys everywhere. Kids are so afraid to go anywhere and to sleep at night without the bad guys coming into their rooms to get them. Shame on us.
    This is brainwashing and this ideology is what our country is doing well. The world is not safe. You are not safe, ever. Because we have made it unsafe. We as adults act like we have no control over any of it; and we are helpless. It used to be we held their hand in parking lots. Now it is everywhere. And we wonder why our kids behave the way they do.
    We have the news on, we shield them from nothing. We watch the news and kids will ask is this real?
    What is real ? The media campaign on making all of us afraid. Please, I beg all of you to stop watching TV and enjoy life. I beg you to change your behavior to hopeful and not being a fatalist.
    For society sake.
    We see no future nor should they.

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