State Department Sponsors Sessions on Josephson Institute’s Exemplary Peace Officer Model





The U.S. State Department occasionally asks me to meet with visiting delegations interested in my work in the policing field. In January I met with the top state policing leaders from the country of Kyrgyzstan and last week, directors and commanders of the West Bank’s Palestinian Civil Police and the Presidential Guard (like our Secret Service).

Despite major cultural differences I was surprised at all the similarities with each other and U.S. Police in terms of outlooks, concerns and strategies. I introduced them to the Institute’s “best possible result” declension making strategy and the Exemplary Policing organization framework I developed for California POST and have expanded on in a new book, Creating the Exemplary Policing Agency I am finalizing for the U.S. Dept of Justice. Both groups were enthusiastic about the new models for academy and in-service training. I gave permission to the Palestinian delegation to translate the Exemplary Policing books into Arabic. That’s personally gratifying.

I really enjoyed the interaction and hope I was helpful. Below are pics of the Palestinian group. See the books here or purchase books at the CHARACTER COUNTS! website.

MJ-Palestinian-police-2-600x450 MJ-Palestinian-police

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  1. I’m employed with the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training (DOCJT), Richmond, Kentucky. We have five recruit classes with approximately 28 students on a routine basis. We recently began giving each recruit the basic training version of Becoming An Exemplary Police Officer. They are required to read it and are tested on the material. There is nothing but praise for the book and usually results in good discussions centering around ethical decision making.

    We have recently focused on moral psychology, cultural and moral relativism, values, sentimentalism, desires, inituitionism, and reflective equilibrium when discussing moral decision making.

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      Thanks Ken I hope the new book I’m finishing for DOJ on Creating an Exemplary Policing Organization will add a larger dimension for police execs.

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