How Honest Are You?

Here’s a little quiz to test your honesty. Now be completely honest. Would you:

1. Go back and tell the clerk if you discovered you were undercharged by $10?

2. Use the express line at a grocery store even if you had a few too many items if you were in a hurry?

3. Lie about a child’s age to save $30 at an amusement park?

4. Lie about a child’s address to get her in a better school?

5. Make an unauthorized copy of software?

6. Use a friend’s employee discount?

7. Use a radar detector so you can exceed the speed limit without fear of getting a ticket?

8. Lie about purchases you made abroad to avoid the hassle of paying customs duty?

9. Deliberately omit an important fact in a discussion with a friend to get them to do what you want?

10. Lie to someone to avoid an uncomfortable conversation?

11. Give a false excuse for missing work or an appointment?

12. Lie to cover for your boss?

13. Ask someone to lie for you to get you out of a jam.

14. Lie about the number of miles you drive to get a cheaper insurance rate?

15. Exaggerate your previous pay on a resume?

This is Michael Josephson reminding you that character counts.

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