How Honest Are You?

Here’s a little quiz to test your honesty. Now be completely honest. Would you:

1. Go back and tell the clerk if you discovered you were undercharged by $10?

2. Use the express line at a grocery store even if you had a few too many items if you were in a hurry?

3. Lie about a child’s age to save $30 at an amusement park?

4. Lie about a child’s address to get her in a better school?

5. Make an unauthorized copy of software?

6. Use a friend’s employee discount?

7. Use a radar detector so you can exceed the speed limit without fear of getting a ticket?

8. Lie about purchases you made abroad to avoid the hassle of paying customs duty?

9. Deliberately omit an important fact in a discussion with a friend to get them to do what you want?

10. Lie to someone to avoid an uncomfortable conversation?

11. Give a false excuse for missing work or an appointment?

12. Lie to cover for your boss?

13. Ask someone to lie for you to get you out of a jam.

14. Lie about the number of miles you drive to get a cheaper insurance rate?

15. Exaggerate your previous pay on a resume?

This is Michael Josephson reminding you that character counts.

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  1. Recently I left my purse at Union Station. 2 people waited with my purse hoping I would return. I returned but missed them. I was extremely upset. When I got to the Goldline station in Pasadena I was shocked to my husband holding my purse. The man who found my purse went to my station found phone number on my cell phone and called my husband. When my husband met the man they realized they knew each other. The man had been homeless and my husband had helped him on several occasions. I was overwhelmed and amazed by his kindness. I felt I had some good karma and an angel watching out for me.

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