What do you remember about the “Know Nothing” movement in the 1850’s? I rarely get political on this blog but What Will Matter is about my personal philosophy and, though it will doubtless alienate some of you who thought you liked me before,there are times when I believe the ethical aspects of a political issue are so compelling that I feel a need to comment without any real hope that it will change anyone’s mind. I am deeply disturbed at the vast number of people who enthusiastically support the pseudo-theology and persona of Donald Trump. Even if he loses, something I am no longer certain of, I believe he has done our nation great harm by unleashing and legitimizing prejudices, anger and a willful blindness to rationality or facts. There is an astonishing parallel to the short rise and fall of the “Know Nothing” (American party) just before Lincoln’s election as President. Google it if you want to know more. The good news is that the movement had a short life.
‘Know Nothing’ Wikipedia Link

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