7 Ways to Communicate Better

  1. “Earn Trust – be honest; don’t exaggerate, distort or deceive.
  2. Really Listen – you can’t change another’s opinion until you truly understand it.
  3. Be Open – if you want to change another’s mind, show yours is open; be willing to make the first concession. 
  4. Show Respect for the opinion you want to change and the person who owns it – insults and sarcasm only fuel resentment and fortify resistance. 
  5. Discuss, Don’t Debate – success is agreement, not surrender. 
  6. Don’t Be Self-righteous – the depth of your convictions shows your sincerity, but to the other person, your truths are just opinions.
  7. Be Satisfied with the Best Possible Result – even if it’s not all you wanted.”

– Michael Josephson

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