Memorial Day Thank You

Veterans day - modern wall

Thank you for your dedication, your duty, your unwavering loyalty and most importantly your unbelievable sacrifice. Americans have the freedom to be Americans because of you. There are many ways to serve. None is more significant or worthy of appreciation than sacrificing personal comforts and gain to serve in the military.

Remember, we have this long weekend not simply to vacation and picnic but to say thank you to those who have served and sacrificed in the past as well as those who do so at this very moment. Please be sure to experience and express your gratitude.

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  1. I served in the China Sea in 1968 in an air defense capacity for the United States Air Force on the island of Kume Jima. My charitable contributions for over a decade have been mainly distributed to”Disabled American Veterans”. The efforts of our military personnel are and have been exemplary. There is difficulty with embracing the situation in which we are currently engaged. Sadly, The answer is follow the money. Americans are not in favor of this conflict, a debacle. Halliburton has received 42 billion dollars for their support of the Iraq/Afghanistan. You are welcome Mr. Cheney. The ignominious George Bush, the lesser of our line of presidents, sought immediate retribution for the situation his father caused in 1990. It is my concern that we bring an end to the current conflict we shall never win favor in. The words of President Eisenhower in 1958 best capsule, my and many Americans request as he said in my paraphrase, “We should not war racketeer”. Amen, but again follow the money.

  2. Hi Larry, This was a reminder to get in touch. I still remember the night that you, Judy and I went to see Dear Hunter. I didn’t realize until then all of what you had been through in Vietnam. I recall your characterization of one aspect of being in the midst of battle. You explained the feeling of coming into a combat area and departing from a helicopter in an open field. You said the rush was like being in a John Wayne move… surreal. You’re a brave guy and an incredible friend! Thanks for what you did!

    Your pal,

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