Now is a time to be resolute, but wise. We must focus on our vulnerabilities, not our fears. Our solutions must be as intelligent, not instinctive. This is not a time for partisan advantage-seeking, it is a time to come together without concern for who gets the credit or blame. We must respond boldly and fearlessly, but not foolishly. Many of our most instinctive reactions may play into the hands of those who are determined to harm us, not only by wanton brutality but by infecting us with such a toxic fear that causes us to voluntarily surrender the things we most cherish, our optimism, love and American ideals. We have a right to feel and vent our anger, but we must avoid the arrogance to believe we can assure our safety by raw power. We must realize that we can make things better but be very cautious not to make things worse. And, in the end we may have to accept the outrageous truth that the world has changed in a way that we may never have complete safety.

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