COMMENTARY: Lying Is Like Drunk Driving

“A lie may take care of the present, but it has no future”

Sometimes lying makes our lives easier. If you want the day off, just call in sick. If your boss asks if you’ve finished a report, say you left it at home. And if an irate customer calls, just make up a good cover story. Technically these are lies, but since no one’s hurt, what’s the big deal?

We tell ourselves they’re harmless, but are they really? Telling lies is like drunk driving. If we’re lucky, we won’t get caught and no one will get hurt. Still, drunk driving is wrong because it’s irresponsible to recklessly endanger human life. Most lies are wrong because they recklessly endanger human relationships. What’s more, lies are habit-forming. The more lies we tell, the easier it becomes, so we tell more lies.

Self-serving lies that help us get out of a jam or look better are like land mines. They may lie dormant, but sooner or later some will explode, damaging both our credibility and reputation. The ethical duty to be worthy of trust does not bend to our needs, convenience, or desire to avoid unpleasant consequences. Besides being dishonest, lying is disrespectful because it deprives the victim of true information needed to make sensible decisions.

Lies damage personal and business relationships because they generate suspicion and distrust. Once lied to, most people think, “What else will he lie to me about?” This is not a healthy basis for any relationship.

This is Michael Josephson reminding you that character counts.

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  2. Telling a lie also indirectly insults the intelligence of the person that you have lied to. After all you are assuming that the person you lied to is too dumb to see through it. Having been on the receiving end of constant lies from someone that has trouble with the truth, I can tell you that person being lied to can start to resent having their intelligence constantly insulted by the blatant lies.

    1. How does your political opinion about our president relate to this article? Why isolate just one politician? Seriously, I would like to learn your reasoning.

  3. Stop blaming President Obama. You all have fallen to what the media wants you to believe. We all get manipulated by the lies we listen on TV.
    Big lies is referred to as Mr. President W. Bush… Know he took us all in a ride of lies. Obama comes with the nation upside down. We can not blame him…thank you

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  5. People will forever be a low-life as long as they continue to blame others for their own problem. Ask not what your President can do for you, ask what you can do for your self.

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