COMMENTARY: The Power in Me

When my daughter Samara was 8, she wrote a poem as a song for some friends who were thinking of starting a band. When she showed it to her mom she said, “Don’t show it to Daddy because he will want to read it on the radio.” She was right. I did want to share it, but she asked me not to. It took me over a year of wrangling to cut a deal. Here it is:

The Power in Me

When morning comes and the sun rises in the east,
I think of the power in me.
When I stand up for what is right and what I believe,
It is because of the power in me.

No matter who it is or what they want me to do,
I will stand up for my beliefs because of the power in me.
When you are mad, sad or scared,
What will help you through is the power in you.

That power comes straight from the heart.
Believing is what creates the power in anybody.
If you don’t believe in yourself,
Then say good-bye to the power in you.
When I go to sleep, before I close my eyes,
I look at the sun setting in the west,
And I thank God for giving me the power in me.

The power Samara is talking about reveals itself as resourcefulness, tenacity, integrity, self-control and courage. She’s right. It’s in all of us. It’s also called character.

This is Michael Josephson reminding you that character counts.

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  1. wow. how wise of your daughter at that age. I felt like she was speaking directly to me because lately have been ranting at people I love every time I lose it. thank you for this.

  2. This poem reminds me of one of the pilars of Zoroastrian religion. It is called Vohu-khashatra and has the exact meaning as was beautifully described in this poem. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. The Power in Me is powerful, what a beautiful reflection on “self” and life! It’s all about attitude. As parents I am sure you are proud to have a bright intelligent daughter who will be very succesful in life. Thank you for sharing, I will also share with my Parental Involvement Program staff, a great message for our school staff, parent volunteers and students.

  4. Dear Michael,

    These little miracles that we are amazingly blessed with bring angelic brilliance and grace to us so wonderfully often. Your Samara’s lovely and wise, rather eloquent poem is powerfully rich and useful TODAY !! I can easily forget how powerful I am when working thru my “to do” list, day after day. The gift of our service to one another so often occurs with inadequate ‘reflection’ and awareness 🙁

    Thank you Samara for your young, determined gift of poetry. I seriously love the lyrics AND the amazing source of those lyrics !! We are all so unbelieveably powerful. May God continue to grace and nurture our capacity to serve and lift UP our fellow neighbors !! :):) GO SAMARA !!! :):):)

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