COMMENTARY: Will This Be a Good Christmas?

Will this be a good Christmas?

To lots of kids, the answer may be embedded in the response to the question: “Whaddja get?”

On the other hand, retailers and Wall Street investors will look to sales and profits.

What a pity that the spiritual and social potential of this holiday can be so easily lost.

Of course, Christmas is a profoundly important day of worship to devout Christians, so a “good” Christmas must include a meaningful religious connection with the teachings of Jesus.

But for many Christians and non-Christians, there are other dimensions to this day.

In fact, Christmas is more than a single day; it’s a season involving weeks of preparation and celebration devoted to family, friendships and, most important of all, a grand vision of “peace on earth and goodwill toward men.”

To me, a good Christmas is one that helps us become better people so we can have better lives and a better society.

On a personal level, the optimism, good cheer, and goodwill embodied in the Christmas spirit are antidotes to selfishness and superficiality. They can help us find purpose and meaning in love, kindness, charity, gratitude, and forgiveness.

On a social level, a good Christmas is one where we can say we’ve made meaningful progress combating homelessness, hunger, and poverty. It would also be a good Christmas if we truly overcame the fears, suspicions, and prejudices that may be hindering our expression of goodwill to all men, regardless of their ethnicity, national origin, or personal religion.

So regardless of your religion, I hope you’ll make this Christmas a good one.

This is Michael Josephson reminding you that character counts.

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  1. Thank you for more of your inspiring words. This year I emailed my family that it is time to get together for Christmas without gift expectations. For years our gathering stopped since our family has had a price tag set on the holidays. My email only emphasize on love, time with each other, and recap memories as a family. I wanted to say that it was okay not to expect anything. For Christmas Eve will be our gathering and made it at my parents place, small and homey. Not to include friends but immediate family only. I am hoping to rekindle a spirit of hope, peace and joy despite of their individual beliefs. Wish me luck!

    1. Way to go, Jeannette!!!!! Clap, clap, clap! Christmas has become such a greedy holiday, both with businesses and with those that want to get, rather than give. The Santa idea is a lot of fun, but it also teaches children that it is more important to receive than to give. And it pressures people to spend money that they don’t have. Then comes January, the bills accumulate and the fun turns to worry and stress over the additional monthly credit card payments. You lose and the merchants claim a cash cow!

      What more could we give than our love and expression of our appreciation toward those that mean so much to us, and to those less fortunate than we. It was never intended to be valued by the price tag we put on it.

      Again, way to go, Jeannette!!!

    1. Michael,
      I am sorry some of my efforts to help Character Counts has fallen short of my goals. But I still use the cards I call Nice List Certificates, and get good feedback in my continuing to do so for many years. I took my appointment as Ambassador for CC to heart the first time I first heard about it. I am very pleased to see in in many schools in Florida and elsewhere.

      I will continue to pass out these cards and will try to be a better ambassador by a closer ties with CC.

      I often tell children Christmas is the Best Time of The Year. I especially try to keep the children to remember the reason for the season and hope I reach them all to agree to keep the magic in the season forever. As the loss of the magic is detrimental to all and does not serve any purpose except to prove the less than desirable parts of the season.

      I absolutely love being Santa and hope to continue to serve as long as I can and also hope only the very best for you and CC. Keep up the magnificent work for as long as you are able and hope you find leaders in your organization to take on the mantle with such devotion you have displayed.

      God bless and keep all those in the Character Counts organization.


      Santa Bill French
      A Real Santa for more than 25 years!!

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