COMMENTARY: Finding God in the Park

Abe was fiercely independent, even at age 85, but after a mild stroke his son insisted he move in with him. Abe missed going to the park near his old apartment, and one Saturday he set out to find it.

When he became disoriented, he asked a young boy named Timmy where the park was. Timmy said he’d like to take him there, but he didn’t have time because he was looking for God. He said he needed to talk to Him about why his parents were getting a divorce.

“Maybe God’s in the park,” the old man said. “I’d like to talk to Him, too, about why He’s made me useless.” And so they set off together to find God.

At the park, Timmy began to cry about the divorce, and Abe lovingly held his face in both hands and looked him straight in the eyes. “Timmy, I don’t know why bad things happen, but I know it wasn’t because of you. I know you’re a good boy and your parents love you and you’ll be okay.”

Timmy gave Abe a big hug and said, “I’m so glad I met you. Thanks. I think I can go now.”

From across the street, Timmy’s mother saw them hug and approached her son in a worried voice. “Who was that old man?”

“I think he’s God,” Timmy said.

“Did he say that?” she demanded.

“No, but when he touched me and told me I’m going to be okay, I felt really better. Only God can do that.”

When Abe got home, his son asked in a scolding voice, “Where were you?”

“I was in the park with God.”

“Really? What makes you think you were with God?”

“Because He sent me a boy who needed me, and when the boy hugged me, I felt God telling me I wasn’t useless anymore.”

This is Michael Josephson reminding you that character counts.

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  1. Michael,
    Thank you for sharing this incredible story! I catch your commentray’s twice a day on KNIA/KRLS here in KLnoxville, I love all of your commentrary’s but “Finding God In The Park,” is truly a favorite.
    I had to ask myself what if Abe didn’t have or make the time to sit in the park that. What would have been the outcome? The story taught me more than was intended and opened my heart for a little self-evaluation. Thank You!

  2. Having lost all that I built in the past 22 years(to a white coller crime) I was feeling like the old man. This commentory made my day! Thank you

  3. It’s a sweet story, and the message is important -we can all help another person by connecting and listening. Still, Timmy should not have gone to the park with a stranger.

  4. What a beautiful, moving story. In these times of false prophets proclaiming to know when the world will end, it feels good and true to be reminded that God, in fact, moves in mysterious and powerful, loving ways.

  5. Michael,
    your writings bless me in many profound ways. This particular story was important to me, as it reminded me to be more patient, kind, and to assist my elderly mother to realize how VALUABLE her precious life is.
    Thi concept of not feeling worthless in old-age is important, and we can help our senior citizens recognize how precious they are.

  6. I was very fortunate to have come across an Abe in my life last year after going through two years of being ignored and misrepresented due to an unexpected divorce. My healing process began the day I walked out of his office. There are many professionals out there that only care about collecting the fee for their services. I know God was speaking to me through this person, because I could sense and feel that this person was not driven by money but by the value of his Character. It’s amazing how much listening and caring can impact someone’s life forever, more than money ever will. Character does count…we need more Abe’s in this world. Thank You!

  7. Thank you for the encouraging and thoughtful commentary. I expect it is fiction, and I know it does reflect how God works in our lives when we open our eyes to it.

  8. Dear Michael,

    The simple beauty of your story, and the awful angst of the two characters PRIOR to their meeting is prophetically brilliant.

    My basketball boys have some awful situations they bring to our team and the court some days. Our TEAM is an additional glorious entity that amazingly works wonders. The support, generous interaction and gifts of themselves these kids (4th grade boys) give to each other (and me ! :):) sometimes just floors me. We won our 1st game last night, 17 to 11. The biggest WINNER was little Nicholas who made his FIRST successful dribbling, up court PASS to his teammate !!! He might not make Coach Wooden’s team; but by golly, he is on my “All American Team”

    Coach Paul Ahearn
    Vacaville, CA

  9. What a beattiful story. We are God’s hands and feet. Just talked and prayed with a boy this morning who’s mother is in jail.

  10. Michael, with this moving story, you hit the ball out of the “park” (no pun intended). This story is a tender reminder that every soul is valuable and important; and that God’s angelsare all around us, and His work can be carried out by anyone. Thank you for sending Godly and meaningful messages and reminders to us. Michael, you are an angel amongst us.
    Dr. Rena B. Giles Rice

  11. “Deep down inside every man, woman and child is the fundamental idea of God”. Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, page #55.

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