Personal Note: My Optimism Re-Emerges

I confess my irrepressible sense of optimism was repressed quite a bit by an election process that I found deplorable in so many ways. You can see my assessment of the year from an ethical perspective on the Conan Nolan show airing in Southern California on  Channel 4 NBC at 9:am on Christmas morning (will anyone watch?). Nevertheless, I will not deny my nature or my duty to remember and remind you that the best is yet to come. The number of you who have sent good wishes and donations or purchased my books to help the cause has certainly helped but the bottom line is that negativity is a losing strategy. The approaching Holidays will offer a seemingly endless series of opportunities to experience both great joy and personal anguish. We will all face lots of situations where we may be offended or offensive, insensitive or oversensitive, or where we may say too much or too little. For many, surviving certain personal  interactions, sometimes with our own families, without opening old wounds or suffering or inflicting new ones is a success. Don’t let that be you. Be conscious and attentive about your attitudes, careful about your words and commit to be relentlessly positive. The best really is yet to come but we have to find it and appreciate it.

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