A Story About Giving

Give generously and continuously. Give to people who need it and causes you believe in. It may deplete your purse, but it will enlarge your life. – Michael Josephson

In  Gifts of the Heart, Betty Youngs tells of a man who reads in his church bulletin of a family in need. Members were asked to donate food, gifts and toys to help this family have a better Christmas. The plan was to meet later that afternoon at the church and caravan to the family to deliver what had been collected.

The man nudged his wife and pointed to the bulletin. “We must help,” he said. Though they themselves did not have much, the couple and their three young sons collected a few items of food, clothing, and toys from the little they had. “This is the heart of Christmas,” the father told his boys as they headed to the church. They were joined by many other families who set out to deliver the Christmas goods—including a tree—to this less fortunate family.

Several minutes into the trip, the family was surprised to find themselves on their street. Then the cars in front of them drove into the driveway of their home. They were the family to whom the congregation was delivering Christmas.


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