Collection of Beautiful Vintage New Years’ Cards

New Years Cards 19 and 20New year card 1908 angels

Capture the mood and modes of years gone by with this special collection of Vintage new Year’s cards


New Years Cards 10 and 11


New Year card kewpie dollsNew Year card 1909 clockNew Year poster baby in diaperNew year card vintage train and children


New Years Cards 17 and 18

New Years Cards 8and 9New Years Cards 12 and 13New Years Cards 14 and 15New Years Cards 16.pngNew Year card 1908 Germany angel & clockNew year card 1909 window panesNew year card 1910 Germany year and boyNew year card 1911 woman portraitNew Year card vintage Father Time & babyNew year card vintage angel dropping moneyNew year card 1921 Germany four womenNew year card vintage france woman in greenNew year card vintage girl & catNew year card vintage drummerNew year card champagne and moonNew Year card 1906 woman in balloonNew Year card 1904 France

New year card 1904 France old and new year women

New Year card 1908 celebratingchildrenNew Year card 1908 flower and scene

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