MLK Day is more than a reason for a 3-Day Holiday

MLK Day to remember

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  1. Thank you for this. There are so many who don’t know the history of the civil rights movement, of Dr. King’s opposition to the Viet Nam War and how roundly he was vilified because of it. There are too many who are not paying attention that voting rights, reproductive rights, immigrant rights, rights in general, are being taken away bit by bit, sometimes in greater chunks, how poverty – horrible in Dr. King’s time – is far worse now, and how we need to be aware and active to act as Dr. King did. Friday night, in DC, for the 10th year, the Sixth & I Synagogue and the Turner AME (called by a member “African-Americans Marching for Equality”) Church, both of which occupied the same building at different times, we again talked about history and the present time and our commitment to social justice and rights.

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