WORTH WATCHING: Understanding the LGBT World

I strongly recommend that anyone with strong feelings on the subject of homosexuality and gay rights watch these short videos and leave your comments – regardless of your position and how strongly you feel about it, take some time to hear some first hand perspectives. This Chely Wright tape is especially powerful.


LGBT Athletes Talk About Coming Out

  • This video from Buzzfeed discusses the issues and pressures that young athletes face when coming out.

Transgender identity, in their words

  • This beautiful video interviews individuals on their transgender identity and how it affects their daily lives.

12 LGBT Facts To Celebrate

  • This video calls out 12 amazing reasons to celebrate the LBGT community.

Why Pronouns Matter For Trans People

  • In this article you will find some of the best quotes from people working to fight for LGBT rights today.

  • Having difficulty understanding terms and pronouns in the LGBT community?  Use this resource!


  • This video does a wonderful job explaining the importance of pronouns for the trans community.



Civilities: Some skeptical parents brought their questions to a national expert on transgender kids


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