Video: History of Freedom

An epic Passover mashup celebrating freedom throughout history.


Music video Written & Produced by
Directed by Shoot East
Cover Track by Ido Zeleznik and Michael HarPaz
Vocals by Michael HarPaz
With thanks to Pharrell, Ed Sheeran and The Chainsmokers


Yearn to be free
Roots long ago
In captivity
Let my people go
Your first name is Free
Last name is Dom
Ten plagues you have seen, a nation is born
Feel soul power
It’s in every human being
Time for liberation
Sea split your wings

Freedom! [x4]

The struggle for freedom Jews celebrate on Passover Is seen throughout history Fighting persecution so we can live as Jews want
From Moses to Natan Sharansky

Suffragettes, Rosa Parks, tank man in Tiananmen Square, Got the purple finger in Iraq now
Ring the bell, pull the Berlin Wall down
And then we start to dream, like Malala

God, you know I want your love
Your matzah’s handmade for somebody like me
Come on now, follow God’s lead
Pharaoh is finished, now you’re free
Matzah, the bread of freedom
Put on your shoulder, go to the desert quickly
Come on now, follow God’s lead
Come, come on now, follow God’s lead

I’m in love with the taste of you
Knead and roll, eighteen minutes to
Although my stomach is falling too
I’m in love with my matzah

I’m in love with my matzah

I’m in love with my matzah

Hey, the struggle for freedom is all about you
Enslaved and beaten, that’s an issue
You have a choice
Hey, challenges can make us stronger
Try and hold on a little longer
and then…

We have thanks in our heart
Bitterness makes you count your stars
All our pain, recalled
Throughout Jewish history You guided us far
And no-ow-ow-ow-ow, we’re free
And no-ow-ow-ow-ow, we’re free

So God pull us ever closer
Let us celebrate Passover
As we tell our story over
Bite that matzah on your shoulder
Jewish People getting older
So many miracles to share
Faith and family coming over
Have a meaningful Passover

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