Give Back! It Will Improve Your World and Your Life!

Please join me in a commitment to at least double your charitable donations this year. It will improve the world and your life.

“If you want to know how to live your life, think about what you want people to say about you after you die and live backward.” Having recently experienced a life-threatening health challenge I am more passionate then ever to remind myself and others not only to do more to enjoy the days we have, but to do more to earn the legacy of memories we want to leave.

If I want to be remembered as a good man who made the world better (and I do), I must do more and give more to causes and people who can benefit. I know I can (and probably so can you) give twice as much as I currently do without any meaningful sacrifice.

Being successful is not easy and most of us will fall short of our personal definition of success. Being happy is even more difficult and most of us will struggle to be happy most of the time. Living a worthy life, a life that matters, is much simpler.

Here’s the formula:
No matter how much you care, care more.
No matter how much you do, do more.
No matter how much you give, give more.
No matter how good you are, be better.
The curious thing is that once you adopt this mindset you will find success in your significance and happiness in your service.

Very few of us come close to realizing our potential to improve the world. Almost all of us could easily double the amount of time and money we give to good causes and to those who whose lives are endangered or ravaged by hunger, disease or oppression without sacrificing anything significant to our lives.

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