Michael’s 75th Birthday Donation Goal

For my birthday this year – I’ll be 75 on December 10. I’m asking for donations to The Joseph and Edna Josephson Institute for the Advancement of Ethics. Pursuing the Institute’s mission has been my full-time endeavor since 1987. I hope you’ll consider contributing. Every little bit will help my efforts to heal the world. Your gift is tax deductible and it would make Mother Teresa happy.

Please consider donating here: https://charactercounts.org/donation/

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  1. Thanks so much Michael .
    I have been looking for someone who could help the world hear what we need to do to make the
    changes from selfishness to being respectful and bring people together.
    I will send you the song I’ve loved sharing since the 1984 National Girl Scout Convention.
    Rosemary Crow wrote the song Weave and we make a circle and weave our hands that are holding
    every other person’s hand and in the end we are all inside the circle. I believe Rosemary Crow is
    still alive and perhaps you could get in touch with her so that she could help your wonderful cause.
    I will definitely send you a donation as you are my hope for our future!

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