Huge diversity of goals but central issue of women’s well being and rights was appropriately dominate. Self-disclosing speeches by Natalie Portman, Scarlet Johansson and Viola Davis were especially insightful and poignant. Try to find and watch on internet. Edina Menzel singing Defying Gravity was moving. It was hard for me to grasp all the ways women and girls are oppressed and abused – not all the time, of course, but way too often.

The scope and prevalence of demeaning sexism, harassment and outright sexual assaults is so much greater than I realized – and so much more offensive. Males are the source of the problem and critical to its solution. We need to care more and do more.

Also found the train a great way to travel.

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  1. I would have appreciated a mention of the March for Life!
    An excerpt from Gutfeld: The Women’s March vs. March for Life comparison


    ROB REINER, DIRECTOR: We have a racist in the White House.

    UNIDENTIFIED PROTESTERS: My body, my choice. My body, my choice.

    JANE FONDA, ACTESS: Our democracy’s survival and the Earth’s survival depends on our ability to get people the facts.

    UNIDENTIFIED PROTESTERS: Trump can’t read. Trump can’t read. All he does is watch TV.

    OLIVIA WILDE, ACTRESS: White women need to hold up our end of the fight, not just coming to rallies with like-minded others.


    So we heard them loud and clear. Sadly, no one can hear a fetus. They’re the truly voiceless. But we’ve heard this media coverage story before that the media covers X way more than Y. It’s an old story. We do it. But we do it because it’s true. The bigger question is why is it true?
    Even if a network producer wanted to cover the pro-life march more, it’s simply too risky. By pitching that idea in a meeting, you give yourself away that you might not be a liberal. It’s like an NRA sticker: It tips people off that you’re more red than blue. So, rather than expose yourself to your peers’ disgust, you bite your lip. We’ve all been there at parties and at work. It’s called preference falsification, where your public and private beliefs conflict.

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