We Are In A Dangerous Place


Rhetoric that stokes anger, whether intentional or careless, unleashes the latent demons of unstable haters. Those who demean calls for civility and respectful discourse as political correctness are not part of a solution, they are a cause of the problem. We must hold our politicians and those of us who empower them accountable to help us back to a place where we seek to solve problems and secure public safety and welfare.

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  1. We are in a battle with each other like anything I have ever seen; I am shocked, sadden and discouraged when it comes to so many of us who care nothing about truth or facts when it comes to issues we disagree with. I believe many people hold in their hearts and minds the fact that if I agree with someone else just a fraction then I will somehow lose control; and no matter what “that just can’t happen” to the point that very few are willing to sit down and work things out for the good of a neighbor, or most importantly our country!! I believe if we would just stop talking or yelling we somehow could hear the voice of reason and stop this madness. if we can’t come together no matter what side of the fence we are on then we will destroy ourselves and leave nothing good for our children and grandchildren. Please America; I ask that we the people come together and show our so called leaders and the entire world that their is a better way; we can disagree and still work together for the sake of good!!

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