I AM TRUSTWORTHY. I tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, I keep my promises and maintain scrupulous integrity. I do the right thing even when it is costly and I honor my badge. See powerful banners and posters for police briefing rooms by the Josephson Institute Exemplary policing Center at https://lnkd.in/gn4s5rR #leadership#integrity #trust

COMMENTARY: Truth Matters. Trustworthiness Matters.

Truth matters and its your moral responsibility to find it. Trustworthiness matters and its your moral duty to insist on it. Never in my lifetime has truth been more important or more illusive. Though hard to find, within every mountain of careless claims, unsubstantiated assertions, fallacious reasoning and outright lies there are true facts and credible sources. It is your …

No Little Lies

Where trust is important, there are NO LITTLE LIES. Lies, however small they seem, are like germs. Without the antibody of trust they cause infections that kill credibility. – Michael Josephson See more rules about trust at https://lnkd.in/g6NvKPV

MJ’s Personal Reflections

NEW FEATURE. – This is a  new feature for the WWM website consisting of journal-type entries of personal reflections of Michael Josephson. Welcome to the inner workings of my mind. These reflections aren’t full essays like my commentaries. Instead, they are snippets of thoughts dictated as I walk and illustrated by photos taken on my iPhone. I share these observations …

COMMENTARY: The Trust of Our Children

There’s no doubt about it: Trust is an asset to any relationship and distrust an enormous liability. But thinking of trust in terms of its practical value can demean and distort its true significance as an endorsement of our character and as a sign of our worthiness. I get my clearest vote of trust when I stop to appreciate the …

COMMENTARY: The Value of Trust

A teenager wants to go to a party, but she’s sure her mom won’t let her. So she and her friend concoct a false cover story. What’s the big deal? Most kids lie to their parents from time to time,