All Good Things Come to an End 745.2

In 1997, Bob Sims, the program manager of KNX-1070 in Los Angeles, invited me to record short personal editorials looking at the world through the lens of ethics and character. Fortunately, the CHARACTER COUNTS! Commentaries drew a following and have run daily for more than 14 successive years, making it one of the longest radio features in radio history.

It’s an incredibly gratifying experience to share family stories, parables and poems with an audience I never see. Despite the inherent anonymity of the process, however, I’ve always felt an intimate bond with listeners who allow me to prod their consciences, provoke them to challenge assumptions and cherished beliefs and offer strategies that might improve their lives.

Though many listeners label me, I’m proud that just as many think I am a liberal as a conservative (I don’t consider myself either), and few people know that I am a dedicated independent without any affiliation with or consistent affinity toward either party.

I have loved my L.A. platform, but all good things come to an end. Today is my last CHARACTER COUNTS! commentary on KNX.

It’s a wonderful irony that my last CHARACTER COUNTS! commentary is at the beginning of National CHARACTER COUNTS! Week.

I am sincerely grateful to KNX for providing me with the opportunity to be a part of your life for so many years.

I’m going to keep writing, so please subscribe to my new blog at

This is Michael Josephson reminding you for the last time that CHARACTER COUNTS!

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