The Last KNX Broadcast 745.1

Every weekday for 745 weeks I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of sharing my thoughts from this great radio platform at KNX-1070.

During that time, my life changed dramatically. I started as an energetic middle-aged dad with three young daughters under five who filled my evenings with diapers, bottles and bedtime stories. Today, I’m a less energetic father of four teenaged daughters who fill my life with a tossed salad of joy, pride, angst, and drama.

Though I normally write and record my musings at my home office between midnight and 4:00 a.m., I feel a real and intimate bond with those of you who allow me to be your  companion.

I know that my parables, poems and personal opinions irritate and infuriate some and inspire and enlighten others. I’ve been called naïve, self-righteous, too liberal, too conservative, a religious zealot, and an atheist. Fortunately, I get nice letters  too and they always lift my spirits and encourage me to continue.

But all good things come to an end.

As I say good-bye to my Southern California listeners I’m mindful of the advice of Dr. Seuss: “Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened.”

I am sincerely grateful to KNX for providing me with the opportunity to be a part of your life for so many years and I thank you for giving my life greater depth and meaning.

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This is Michael Josephson reminding you for the last time that character counts.

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  1. It was by chance that I logged onto your site today, and then I read your last commentary for KNX. I want to thank you for the years of inspiration that you have given me. You will be missed by many, and especially me. The ever calming cadence of your delivery made my days.

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      Bob, your very kind words are truly appreciated. I hope you will continue to keep me in your life by visiting this blog often (or waiting for the e-mail every week) AND by encouraging friends to join us. Thanks.

  2. Thank you for all your good service. I’ve shared your work many times with my girls and friends. I appreciate all you have given to the community. I will continue to follow your blog and stay on your list.

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  3. I have had the pleasure of receiving your newsletter for the past several months and have been deeply impressed with the inspiring thoughts and ideas. I have been sharing the same with my close ones and turly appreciate your efforts !

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      Thanks, Vijay I hope you will visit the blog often and follow our Facebook where you can get the new commentaries – written and audio — each day. Please keep telling and sending your friends!

  4. I literally grew up listening to your commentaries on KNX Newsradio over the years, and I want to thank you for providing me with a weekly alotment of nourishment for my mind and soul. I am who I am, due in part to your modern day parables. I’m now living and working in England, but shall continue to follow you via your website and blog. Again, thank you.

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      Hi Brett, what a joy to know I’ve made a positive difference in your life and may continue to do so. Tell your friends in England — the internet has no borders.

  5. I am a Nigerian and reside in Nigeria,I came about your post when a friend use to send your inspirational messages to our box and I love the way you discuss and encourage one to live with our actions and be truthful,so I subscribe to your blog and I am enjoying it,however this is my first note I am writing on your blog hope to continue,I love you even though I have not seen you,I just love your words especially the ending part when you say “THIS IS MICHEAL JOSEPHSON REMINDING THAT CHARACTER COUNTS”. Many Thanks.

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      I am proud i have been able to be of value. In a few hours I am leaving on my first trip to Nigeria. I’ll be in Abuja and Lagos talking about bring CHARACTER COUNTS! to Nigeria. If you can, come to my lecture in lagos at the Nigerian Institute for International Affairs at 10 a.m. on Sat October 29 – bring friends. It would be nice to have more Nigerian friends on this blog and our Facebook. I hope you can help. – Michael

  6. Not many people know exactly what to say amd when to say it. Your words are always spot on and exactly what people need to hear. Some may not appreciate that and critisize but that is because truth hurts.

    Your commentaries have inspired me over the years to become a better person. As well as made me realize I’m not always alone in how I feel and have brought me comfort. Quite often I’ve shared your commentaries on Facebook in hopes thy more people will be inspired as well. I am incredibly happy to see that you will continue your efforts in your blog an I will continue to follow. Thank you for all you do.

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      Thanks, Rebecca. I will do my best to make this new format equally valuable to your. Your generous words of praise and encouragement are most appreciated. Thanks for sending your friends our way.

  7. Mr. Josephson, I’m so grateful that we’re in a day and age where the means exist to keep your messages widely available even with the loss of the radio broadcast. Your presence is no accident; the principles you profess are so very badly needed today, not just for those who need to learn them, but also to bolster and re-inspire those of us who already try so hard to observe them while bombarded daily with some of the most toxic behaviors and attitudes seen in decades by our fellow humans, even our employers. Your messages provide a pillar of strength to us. What I find so amazing and wonderful is that the root of each one of those ethics pillars is, quite simply, LOVE. My prayer is that The Six Pillars become the Dominant Paradigm, replacing the current “I-Me-Mine” one. Blessings Upon Blessings To You.

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      Thank you for your kind affirmations and encouragement. Both are much appreciated. I hope this new blog will justify your continued loyalty. Please send your friends!

  8. Michael,

    I first heard you on KNX while working in LA and enjoyed very much hearing your messages when I did catch them. I feel that the lack of character and common sense are what is troubling America today. I am glad that I have found your insightful website and am now receiving your newsletter. I have 4 young children and am focused on teaching them that Character Counts. Thanks for the great work and the inspiration to stay focused.

    Continued success and God Bless You…


  9. I couldn’t have put it better than so many did in their eloquent messages above. I could not agree with them more and I have no doubt many others feel the same that may not respond today. I also share some of my favorites of yours on Facebook, hoping to inspire others the way you do me. With much gratitude for your selfless service to others!!!

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  10. While I didn’t always agree with everything you said, I was always excited to hear it and then go back to read it. I’ve listened to you for so very long I will miss hearing your voice. Thank you for your wisdom and insight. Thank you for your courage to speak out and say what so many don’t want to hear. Thank your daughters for their stories that add so much to our learning. Keep living what is right. d

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      Thanks for the kind words I hope you try listening again through the podcasts that will be posted every morning.

    1. Well said Mr Riordan…
      and I will keep your comments on a sticky note on my computer to remind me to move graciously forward through the many changes and challenges I face every day in my life.

  11. I recently had the privilege to see and hear you at my daughters school. You are not only a person who sends clear a message of character and ethics, but more importantly, you present it in such a positive and energetic way which motivates us to be better humans. Have you considered being the head coach of the UCLA football team 🙂

  12. Dear Michael: For the many years you have been on the radio and internet I have always look forward to your commentaries. As I would drive to W. Los Angeles everyday in the morning from Camarillo I would look forward to hearing you. You would always give me insight on how to lead my life, treat my employees and instill character in my children and grandchildren. I offered each grandchild a trip by themselves to Disneyland with Nana and Papa when the learned the six pillars of character. I now have six 3 ring binders of all your commentaries that I frequently refer to. Thank you again for being an inspiration in my life. God bless you and your family. David D. Dunham

  13. Your 6:58 AM radio commentary has been started my day for the last few years. Your commentaries have inspired me and my family, and made me want to be a better person and a better mother everyday. I shared your comments with my co-workers. I have your quotes in sticky notes on my computer screen, even my kids have told me many times that the sticky notes are slowing down my computer. I found out that they copied my notes. I find it very comforting that your notes get their attention. Your radio commentary will be missed dearly! Please keep up the good work in other networking! I am looking forward reading your email!

  14. I am so sorry to hear that I will no longer be driving to work with Michael Josephson’s Character Counts commentaries in the morning. I have been doing that since 1998 or 1999. Most of the times I agreed with what was said, and sometimes I didn’t, but the commentaries were always thought provoking. It was a good way to start the day and I will miss hearing Mr. Josephson’s voice in the mornings. Good luck to you!

  15. Michael,
    Your commentaries became a part of my routine after 9/11 when I found myself listening more to KNX than any of our local San Diego stations. I was sorry to hear that your commentaries would no longer be on the air because of those who might only come across them through that medium. I look forward to continuing to read your provoking thoughts. Thank you for continuing to carry the torch. Best wishes to you and your family.

  16. Your special message in your own voice will be so missed. I start my days early, and timed things whenever I could so I would hear your broadcast. Yes, I can read the blog and commentaries, but whenever I can, I’ll listen! and learn….
    Thank you for years of inspiration and encouragement and for putting the most valuable message out into the universe. You have truly made a difference.

  17. Thank you very much for the inspiring commentaries. I have shared them with my catechism students for the past five years. I will miss the commentaries on the radio but will continue to share them with my students. Best of luck Mr. Josephson, because character does count.

  18. I started listening to you when I began working at my current job which was fourteen years to the day of your last broadcast. I have a long commute and looked forward to your daily broadcast through the years. My daughter was four at the time and I attribute many of the good choices I made rasing her to you. Thank you so much and I truly will miss hearing your voice each day. I wish you and your family the best.


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      Dave, Thank you for the kind words of affirmation. it means a lot to me to hear I’ve meant a lot to you and your family. I hope I can still be of value to you through this blog.

  19. Michael,
    Sad, sad news. I listened frequently to KNX while I lived for a decade in So. Cal. When our family moved to Arizona I subscribed to the KNX podcast and received your daily recordings. You are right, it was a great run and you have been a great voice for anyone considering if they were living the “good life” or attempting to make life good for those around them. Is there any way I can purchase a CD or DVD with your radio broadcasts? My children are finally getting old enough to consider your thoughts and I would love to make them a one-a-day “vitamin” for us to discuss over breakfast. This would be a priceless resource. Please advise.

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      Thomas, thanks for the very kind words. Yes we have a CD with 60 of my favorite commentaries. On the What Will Matter site in the column on the right see the add for the CDs and other stuff.

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