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  1. Wow after a 50 year friendship I called out my friend for speaking to me as though she were admonishing me. I asked her to apologize for ‘reprimanding’ me. All she did was explain what happened. I again asked for an apology, saying that I understood what happened but did not like being spoken to that way. I readily apologize to friends and strangers, especially when asked to. I am glad that I stood up to her and well, 50 years is a long time. And so it goes.

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      Ellen, Choosing to let a person go without making an apology that is due you is another way to put the relationship above your ego. Being right isn’t as important as making things right. The other person will probably come around but even if she doesn’t, somewhere in the 50 years she probably earned the right to be cut some slack on this one. What do you say?

  2. I too lost a friendship after 35 years. I thought we had talked and got things out in the open and had moved past the “issue” but, I was the one who called every week and initiated contact, and tried to initiate plans for more than 8 months. I finally had to come to terms and let go. She waited 2 months to call, and left a vm as my phone was dead. I sent her a message the next day and told her I was headed out of town and would return her call as soon as I returned ( which I did) she let it o to vm, and I never heard from her again. That was 2 years ago …. While I miss the friendship, it would never be the same now.

  3. I particularly like what Dr. Phil says, “Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?”. I think this says it all.

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