WORTH SEEING: Sometimes you just have to lay down your head and rest

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  1. Your posters are all awesome! Our children and grandchildren need to see posters like this all the time…an the more positive things we put out there the better we can help make things. I taught high school for seven years, and I know a lot of students have peer pressure not only that but there are many students who don’t have the support of their parents. Teachers have a big impact on our students.
    I would also like to see some articles on teachers who send out negative messages to students which is happening at our school right now. Im not teaching right now but I have a grandson in the 6th grade who came home and told I and my sister that his teacher was upset because of politics and told her students I have to pay taxes so you guys should pay taxes too. Now you tell me what kind of teacher says that to 6th grade students. The school I taught at the majority of students are Native American and I am a Native American as well. I don’t agree with the negative messages this teacher put out there to my grandson…She isn’t the only teacher who does that another one who is a Librarian told the 6th grade students if they didn’t do their work, then they would be bums on the streets and be begging for money. What kind of teacher does that? And what messages are they giving our kids and grandkids..This is very sick behavior on a teacher’s part. It’s bad enough our kids have to put up with bullies and to have that come from a teacher is so unethical.

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