QUIZ: What should you do when your best salesperson is a jerk?

You are a regional sales manager, and, despite your admonitions, your highest producing salesperson regularly verbally abuses clerical help, stretches the truth, and ignores other company policies. Business is bad and this person accounts for about 20% of your business. You feel certain that if you are too harsh, or if you fire her, she will go to work for your main competitor and take a great deal of business with her. And, if your sales go way down you may be fired. What do you do?  Is there anything you can do to prevent this sort of thing from happening again?  (Please share your thoughts including any real examples you’ve faced in the comments below.)

After you formulate and post your answer in the comments you may find these articles helpful :

JERKS AT WORK – AND 5 WAYS TO DEAL WITH THEM By Alexander Kjerulf (AKA The Chief Happiness Officer)

7 TIPS TO MANAGE JERKS By Michael Mercer, Ph.D.

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