WORTH READING: “Michael’s words have changed my world and I have transcended his words into my actions.” — Essay contest winner Jim Uhl , police officer and professor

In the fall, about 80 listeners to Michael Josephson’s radio commentaries submitted essays describing how his daily messages affected their lives. Ten finalists were selected, and a vote of readers of Michael’s newsletter and this blog selected the winners. 

Here is the entry of one of the five winners, Jim Uhl.

St. Francis of Assisi said, “Preach the gospel at all times;  when necessary, use words.” 

I do not personally know Michael Josephson.  I wish I did.  I think it would only enrich the gift he has already been in my life. 

Because I do not know him, I cannot say with certainty that he preaches the gospel of ethics beyond his words.  However, one does not always have to see something to believe in it.  With his words, Michael has made me believe in something very special; words can change the world. 

Michael’s words have changed my world and I have transcended his words into my action.

Like all people, I make judgments.  Tragically, I have done this when facing things I know nothing about.  This is easily done when facing a panhandler and deciding whether to give.  

After reading Michael’s commentary, “Choose Caring Over Judging”, I no longer struggle with the choice of giving.  In fact, my burden of choice is replaced by the freedom of kindness. 

Michael inspired me to no longer just give, I now connect.  In addition to dropping a bill into an unwashed hand, I now add the simple act of looking into the eyes of another human being and ask them their name.  They are a little surprised, but this quickly fades into a grateful smile.  I then call them by their name and simply wish them good luck.  No longer is this something to be judged, it is a person to be valued.

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