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  1. Yes, we should all encourage and affirm one another, at all ages, but developing children and young adults, especially.

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    1. @MMM – I struggle with the incorrect grammar in this quote too, but have come to the conclusion (for my family) that the message is much more important here. There is plenty of time to learn correct grammar. All children get mixed up about how to use words appropriately, but eventually get it right if they are well teached. 😉

  3. Considering the era that the maid came up in…. all that should matter is the intent to love a child who was clearly not loved by her own mother. The maid was just slight years away from laws that banned blacks from reading and writing!

  4. the grammar does not matter here: the maid could not read or write as the mother of the child could. and still the maid was trying to teach her to respect herself as the mother was neglecting her.

  5. Having grown up in that same situation that little girl grew up in,I wished someone would have used those words on me. No matter how it is said those words mean the world to a person that is neglected. I have to remind myself that I is kind, I is smart, and that I is important! Everyday of my life ,I have to remind myself of that.

  6. I have an opion too , thinking Rebecca and the writer AND have allowed this perfect message to zoom zoom right over their heads , maybe they didn’t see the movie . It is most perfect as written because it arrives in levels all being good like : good , goodest , & gooder , LoL. . . . . . . . . . . . really .

  7. Apparently all previous comments are made by people who forget, “The Help” is a movie. The nanny was teaching the little girl a lesson focusing more on encouraging her with life values, rather than teaching grammatically correct English. The comments above also include ample mistakes. She is an actor. Are you acting with the errors you’ve made in your comments? Selah

  8. I just googled to see what the exact words were that had been spoken (in love) over the little girl…as my sister and I were having a conversation. And wow! Even something such as this can go right over people I see and not even make a difference in their cold hearts. Amazing…absolutely simply and utterly amazing. Lord God, forgive us. That even something so tender and loving as this causes discord.

  9. I’m writing right now to the Sam-yawl Clemens society today, to remind them to correct all the grammar in Huck Finn. Cuz the story lacks good grammars.
    I’m sure that will make the story mo better!

  10. Absolutely one of the most touching
    And loving words she could have said
    to the little girl! It touched my heart and it made me cry. Unconditional
    Love , kindness and encouragement is such an amazing gift! I loved
    this part so much.

  11. I googled the movie lines to see what they where because I had been feeling a bit “broken”, I got some news today telling me I need some surgery (not major but necessary) , I’m used to being the strong person, the healthy person, the care giver. Now I’m on the other side of that needing the care and I was feeling “broken”. My husband helped me feel better, so did the maids message to that precious little girl. Now n the we all need that encouragement.

  12. What was meant was for that little girl to feel that she is KIND…SMART..IMPORTANT…..everyone knows it wasnt grammatically correct…so whats the debate about? A lovely movie and a beautiful scene.

  13. I love this quote–It is such a wonderful message to all ages–The grammar in which it is said isn’t as important as what it means ! Such beautiful words of encouragement we all need to remember !

  14. Just think of the people who could be positively affected if these words were permanently displayed in our schools and…in our jails and prisons! And I don’t mean just those who read them…I’m talking about the way we would all benefit from the behavior changes!

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