OBSERVATION: On the issue of how to think about and treat gay people, would the answer be different if, instead of asking “What does the Bible say?”, the question was “What would Jesus do?”

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  1. The Bible is the word of God and Jesus Christ’s life and ministry were in complete harmony with the Bible. To attempt to separate the two is strange. Having made that statement, Jesus Christ is the perfect example and certainly the most accurate and reliable litmus test for any decision or action is, “What would Jesus Christ do?”

  2. For anyone to say that the words and actions of Jesus, his attitudes and what he would and would not do, are different/seperate/more important than the words and commands in the Bible, is the same thing as saying that the writer of a best selling novel would detail wonderful, deep characters, but in public and to the media, say, ‘this particular character wouldnt really have done this, like he did in the book, he would have done the opposite.’

    We must remember that, though men authored the Bible, Jesus, the Father, and especially the Holy Spirit directed and chose every word, thought, and phrase included in the scripture. It is Spirit breathed, Father approved, and was paid for by Christ’s sacrafice. It is the accurate and precise account of everything we know and that is reveiled about Jesus, The Father, and the Spirit. It CANNOT be seperated from Jesus, even if we dont like the picture we think it paints. Only harm can come from assuming the bible and Jesus are somehow different. Remeber John 1:1.

    That being said, it is simple to reconsile this to what the bible says and what Jesus says.
    1) he who is without sin cast the first stone. We are all sinners, and being gay/whatever shouldnt hold some pedistal of honor as a ‘grievous’ sin. Its no worse than the white lie you just told an hour ago.

    2) Love your neighbor as yourself. We should treat everyone as though they were our mirror image. That INCLUDES telling them, without abuse, that homosexuality is a sin, and though the feelings or tendancies may be there, we are not to give into them, just like we arent to steal everything we see that we want.

    3) It is finished. Jesus paid for their sins on the cross, as well as yours. They need to accept that. I think we’d use our time more wisely and share with them the gospel, and let Jesus deal with changing them, because we cannot.

    1. Thank you for such a balanced view of the word of God. A lot of people in our days excuse or justify themselves based on their own feeling, desires or selfish need. That is why it becomes difficult (for them) to distinguish between right and wrong.
      We need to always check our actions against the word of God(Jesus is the word of God personified).
      Gay activities as well as white lies are sins. Q.E.D

  3. Darin, you have stated your case clearly and intelligently, although I do not agree that Jesus’ teachings and many of the tenets in the Old Testament are one and the same. Although Christianity affirms that the Pentateuch is part of Scripture that is inspired of God, Christian tradition, in this case similar to Jewish tradition, denies that all of the Old Covenant still applies directly to Christians, but different arguments are used to reach that conclusion and there are differences of opinion within Christianity as to which parts, if any, still apply. The predominant Christian view is that Jesus mediates a New Covenant relationship between God and his followers, according to the New Testament, which ended or set aside some or all of the Old Covenant.

  4. I do agree with Darin’s perspective. However, I don’t believe that this tenet is suggesting that we separate God’s word from Christ’s actions. I think it is reminding us that it is a matter of perspective. Or perhaps a question of letter of the law vs. spirit of the law. Christ lived by the spirit of the law – he was the living, breathing example. Asking “what would Jesus do” in any given situation is a guideline to help us also live by the spirit of God’s laws – following Christ’s example, as we have been asked to do.

  5. Exactly.
    I had a part-time coworker who was a seminary student. We worked for a company that had a diversity policy including persons of the gay and lesbian community (it was 1993, Dallas, TX). My coworker was having a hard time accepting his adherence to the policy because he’d made a commitment to his religion, he was duty bound to save these people and make them not gay or lesbian. My answer to him was the question, “WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?”
    He managed from that point without saving souls at work. He didn’t give me his answer, though.

  6. If we ask the question, “How should we treat gays and lesbians?”, shouldn’t we then also ask, “How should we treat non-gays/lesbians?” because shouldn’t we or wouldn’t we like to, whether we follow a particular religion or not, follow the Golden Rule? If we treat one segment of the human species as different, then the question of “How should we treat ______?” (fill in the blank) is endless, as in How should we treat redheads/transgenders/those w/ blue eyes/handicapped/tall people/short people/race by color/ etc etc.

    “How should we treat gays/lesbians?” Like everybody else and like we ourselves would like to be treated. Thanks.

  7. The new testament speaks specifically about the sin of homosexuality Romans 1:24-32, to say that God made homsexuals that way would be like saying God made murders, and liers and that they do not have the freedom to choose. Love the sinner hate the sin

  8. Jesus would open his arms and heart and love them, NO MATTER WHAT..
    I have a dear fried who is gay.. We grew up together, went through school together and share lifes ups and downs together. He is now married to the life partner he as had for 30 years.. I love my friend, his sexual orientation makes no difference and I am sure God loves him too!

  9. Jesus would open His arms in love to both the gay and the liar alike, but He would lead them to forsake their sins.
    We should stop excusing our irrational behaviour for our pleasure.
    It seems to many people today that if an action satisfy them, then it is right.
    A bully, murder etc could find pleasure in doing what he/she does. That does not make him/her okay to continue.

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