Mallory Holtman, the first baseman for her college softball team, had no idea she was about to make a choice that would change her life.

During a game that could determine the conference championship, Sara Tucholsky, a player for the other team, hit the ball over the center field fence. Sara was only 5’2”, had had only three hits all season, and she had never hit a ball out of the park in her life. She was so excited, she missed first base. Realizing this, she turned to go back, but collapsed in agony as her knee gave out with a torn ACL. She couldn’t even crawl back to first base. 

Mallory heard the umpire explain to Sara’s coach that if anyone on Sara’s team touched her, she’d be called out and her home run would be nullified.

This was a big break for Mallory’s team but she asked the umpire if she and a teammate could carry Sara around the bases to complete the home run. The surprised umpire said the rules allowed it, and without hesitation, Mallory and another teammate, Liz Wallace, lifted Sara and carried her, lowering her to touch each base with her good leg.

There were only about 100 fans at the game but someone took a picture and posted the story on the internet. Within days, Mallory, Liz, and Sara became famous and appeared on many national TV shows. A few months later, they won a prestigious award from ESPN.

Why did she do it? Mallory said:  “In the end, it’s not about winning and losing so much; it was about this girl. She hit it over the fence and was in pain and deserved a home run. It was the right thing to do.”

Do you agree? Do you think you would have done what Mallory did? Why do so many people cry when they hear this story or view a video? Visit this post to see Mallory and Sara talk about the incident.

By the way, Mallory’s team lost 4-2. In 2010 Mallory was appointed head coach of her college team, at Central Washington University.

This is Michael Josephson reminding you that character counts.

Check out an inspiring video about these players.

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