The 7 Cs of Character

The 7 Cs of Character
CONSCIENCE. Your conscience is your moral compass. Take care of it. Use it. Trust it.

COMPASSION. Nurture, express and demonstrate compassion by caring about, giving to and helping whomever you can, whenever you can in all ways that you can.

CONSIDERATION. Be considerate. Always be aware of how your words and actions affect others so you can do more good and less harm.

CONFIDENCE. Approach every opportunity and challenge with confidence that you are worthy enough and able enough to succeed. Never doubt your inner strength to overcome temptations, difficulties and misfortunes with honor and dignity.

COURAGE. Protect who you are and what you believe with courage. Master your fears and preserve your integrity by doing what you know is right even if costs more than you want to pay.

CONTROL. Control the emotions, urges and appetites that demean you, damage your name or diminish your future.

COMPETENCE. Continually build your competence, the knowledge, skill and ability to ethically and effectively solve problems.


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  1. Dear Mr Micheal Josephson

    My name is Julie Herring and I really enjoy and appreciate your contribution and the work of the foundation. I live in South Africa where moral and ethical decay are two of the pathologies faced by citizens especially the youth. I would like to do your work here. Please advise. Thank you.

  2. I steal your stuff all the time and post it on FB… like this image here. I hope you don’t mind.
    I write books about how humans can adapt to the changes we face trying to adapt to a new world we are creating since we left the tribal world we lived in before farms and cities. We need to adapt strategically and genetically. I published a book called Genetics For A New Human Ecology… as a biologist, I look at it as adapting to a new ecology. Now I am working on the strategy book… it is all about morality. Humanity will only survive if we understand morality and our moral instincts. Right now, we are in crisis (for many reasons) because our traditional moral systems are based on authority and precedence, but can no longer be defended. We need new moral stories based on reason and understanding or they will not serve or even be used. Your efforts to teach morality and character are part of how humanity can survive into the future. Survival is a moral struggle that is not won. It is a battle carried on every day by all good men and women. Thank you for doing your best to provide leadership in this struggle for the future of humanity.

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