QUOTATION & OBSERVATION: “The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.” — Malcolm Forbes

This observation is a critical one in today’s society, which is so torn by polarizing self-righteousness.

In the recently released Model Standards for Academic, Social, Emotional and Character Development, the Josephson Institute included two unique educational outcomes on openness and intellectual humility. This isn’t just for children. Every person should aspire to acquire the attitudes and skills of these standards:

A4.8 Openness. Students demonstrate openness to new and different ideas and experiences by: 1) Considering (i.e., being open to) divergent and opposing viewpoints and alternative ideas and approaches. 2) Their eagerness to go to new places and try new things.

A4.11. Intellectual Humility. Students demonstrate the trait of intellectual humility by acknowledging that: 1) There is often more than one right answer. 2) What they think they know might be incorrect or incomplete. 3) Their judgment might be distorted by conflicts of interest, prejudices, or preconceptions.

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