Memo From Michael: Getting the Most Out of Christmas

Though I am Jewish, I have always loved Christmas and what is commonly called the Christmas Spirit. Of course, I don’t mean the crassly commercialized version of the Christmas Spirit that stresses consumerism, but the spirit of love, forgiveness, family, friendship and — remember this phrase? — “Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward Men.”

To those who celebrate Christmas, I hope you have an exceptionally joyful and meaningful holiday. To those who don’t, I hope you will shamelessly bask in and enjoy the warm  light and good will generated by those who understand and live an authentic Christmas message.

Please read today’s commentary “Keeping Christmas,” which focuses on a short essay written by Henry Van Dyke in 1905, and take some time to read my new compilation of Christmas quotes and a newly augmented compilation of beautiful vintage Christmas cards here.

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