QUOTATION & IMAGE: Sometimes life doesn’t turn out how you had expected or hoped. That doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t be happy. If you don’t limit yourself to your first version of your life there is always a bright future ahead. If you believe that the best is yet to come you will be right. – Michael Josephson

As joyous as the Xmas season is for so many, it is an especially difficult time for many others who are suffering hardships or loss, feel lonely or disappointed, or have concluded that their dreams will never come true. If you know someone like that please try to include them in a meaningful way to show them they are valued. If you are such a person, pull yourself up and take control of your life again. Resolve to replace brooding with a commitment to devise and pursue new dreams. Never lose sight of your capacity to be happy.

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  1. Great reading! Just had a single adult friend over, who would have otherwise spent the days alone with her dog in her apartment. It would have been especially difficult since she lost her job about a year ago and is having a difficult time finding a job and in December she will receive her last unemployment check. But I believe and trust in our heavenly Father that it simply means in January she will receive her first employment check!!!

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