There are over 300,000 more black men in college than in prison, but you wouldn’t know this watching cable or network news? How come?

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In the decade from 1999-2000 to 2009-2010, the number of bachelor’s degrees awarded to Black students increased by 53 percent, and the number awarded to Hispanic students increased by 87 percent.

In 2009–10, Black students earned 10 percent and Hispanics earned 9 percent of all bachelor’s degrees conferred, versus the 9 and 6 percent, respectively, earned in 1999–2000” (NCES, 2012).

Similarly, the numbers of master’s degrees earned by Black and Hispanic students more than doubled from 1999–2000 to 2009–10 (increasing by 109 percent and 125 percent, respectively). As a result, among U.S. residents in 2009–10, Black students earned 12 percent and Hispanics earned 7 percent of all master’s degrees conferred, up from 9 percent and 5 percent, respectively, in 1999–2000. In addition, the number of doctor’s degrees awarded increased by 60 percent for Hispanic students and by 47 percent for Black students” (NCES, 2012).

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  1. Michael,

    Thank you for shedding the “truth light” on an often distorted reporting and misrepresentation of Black males in our country. Good, positive reports are rarely ever reported, and negative projections and images get all the coverage. It is indeed a sad state of affairs when negativity and bias sell, and the positive gets swept under the rug. Michael, you are using your media outlet for the good of all people. Thank you for being a positive change agent. Stay positive in your attempts to uplift.

    Rena B. Giles-Rice, EdD

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  2. So what you’re saying is:

    about 16% of black men have degrees


    about 15% of black men are currently in prison

    (not counting those on their way in or those who’ve been released)

    To the other races, 16% of their men having degrees is a normal everyday thing. It’s like you’re celebrating knowing how to floss your teeth.

    To the other races, 15+% of their men being ex-cons is abnormal, worrying, and worth discussing at length. But because all men of all races should be considered “American Men” I don’t see why people should not discuss the problem. And a big part of the problem is extra resources targeted at blacks while ignoring white crime. So yes I’d rather hear what the news has to say about the state of crime and imprisonment as it relates to people my color.

  3. This is a very poor essay from the Josephone Institute. What has the number of African-American men in college got to do with the abnormal number of African-Americans in prison? This sounds like it was dreamed-up where Socrates and Plato would have been banished, Orange County California where justice never prevails. I would have never said anything like this, even if it is accurate it has nothing to do with the abnormal number of African-Americans in prison. I’m nor na

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