In The News: Tragic Massacre in Texas Church

At least 27 more innocents murdered and 20 injured in Texas Church.

This in NOT acceptable! Condolences are not enough!


Photo from CNN. 

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  1. I totally agree Michael, we need to fix this but the biggest problem we have is we cannot stop fighting each other much less trying to find a way to fix this!!!! honestly I do not believe it can be fixed; you see Michael the only one that can fight evil is God himself and our society is doing everything in their power to wash God and everything Christian completely away from our lives even to the point of violence itself to make that happen; this tragedy being a good example of people blasting those that asked for prayers as fools and idiots instead pushing the same old gun control agenda when the bodies of those killed haven’t even been laid to rest yet; it’s awful just completely awful and sad on so many fronts. My tears fall for so many innocent lives lost and all the reactions are always the same, I too will be vilified over my comments here but mark my word evil will come knocking again and whatever method It chooses to inflict upon us it will indeed be another awful and sad day in America. You have a voice that many of us do not so I implore you to choose your words wisely!!!

  2. Fix exactly what, Michael?

    The shooter had well-documented anger and violence issues; he was adjudicated mentally unfit enough (domestic violence conviction) that he should not have had access to guns. So, like all criminals, he had to break the law to get them. He attacked that particular church because his in-laws belonged. Our nation’s worst mass-murder was a school bombing in the 1800s, which this shooter could have duplicated if he didn’t have another tool (rifle). So, what must we fix that’s not already illegal?

    I suggest that we need much better mental health care. Is that what you mean?

    1. I didn’t see a response, but I hope that is what he means. The tool that ones uses to cause damage is not the real issue, the reason that they choose to cause damage is the issue that should be addressed.

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