Though the fires are close, I am grateful that all family and possessions are safe, but the enormity of these fires is humbling and frightening. It forces reflection about what is really important. Deciding the “must saves” if rapid evacuation is required leaves no doubt that, in the end, how few “things” are really important and that it is people not possessions that matter most.

I don’t want to minimize the enormous emotional trauma suffered by those who feel helpless and violated as the “stuff” intrinsic to their sense of self, security and comfort, but, the lesson of priorities can be profound even for those of us lucky enough to avoid loss.

Once the fire threat is gone many will re-examine their insurance policies and increase their investment. But this type of insurance doesn’t really protect our property; it only provides financial compensation. There is no remedy for the sense of loss.

Increased awareness of the vulnerability of our possessions should induce us to think more about the importance and vulnerability of our relationships and our ability to invest in relationship insurance to preserve and protect them..

Relationship insurance is not something we can buy, it’s what we do and say and how we spend our time.

All important relationships can be strengthened and fortified by increased attentiveness to the attitudes and actions that protect and preserve relationships including demonstrated empathy, patience, forgiveness, gratitude, respect and love.

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