Despite my generation’s paranoia about cannabis being a gateway drug leading to reefer madness, I’ve transformed from a skeptic to a zealot. It’s a bit like being bit by a zombie and turning into one.

My announcement the other day on my personal Facebook page that, at the urging of my wise and caring adult children (who overcame my resistance) I had a very successful experience eliminating severe and debilitating back pain (caused by muscle contractions induced by a few cracked ribs) using extracts from hemp and cannabis (CBD and THC) caused quite a flurry of interest.

The miracle products were a pure CBD oil tincture oil (in an eye dropper to place the oil under the tongue) and a creme which contains 25 mg of CBD (the non psychotropic part of Hemp and marijuana) and THC (the “gets you high” part of cannabis). There was no mood changing effect or high but the combination was shockingly effective. (I just used the creme alone and it was effective, so maybe either works).

THE STORY: Here’s the story that made me “turn”. 
Seven days ago I couldn’t stand or walk without severe pain and within 24 hours of use, I was virtually cured.

I confess I was highly skeptical, believing the alleged benefits of medical marijuana was mostly hype to justify getting high legally. Now I want everyone – especially those I personally love and care about — to use this stuff when needed.

My zealotry was spawned not only by my personal experience but by extensive research on CBD and THC as well as hemp and marijuana. I am angry that I and many relatives and friends have needlessly suffered pain and other symptoms that could have easily and safely been diminished or eliminated by these substances because real doctors don’t tell us about this.

I’m such a fan I just bought a bunch of 2 oz containers of the Apothecanna extra strength creme I found so effective (other brands may work as well or better, for all I know) to give to those I love. (If I haven’t offered one to you, perhaps I don’t love you enough – ask yourself why)

It’s not cheap but the brand I got was $20 for 2 ounces and well worth it. You can buy it online or at a dispensary. You can even have it delivered. I ordered from because its the brand I used.


If you are skeptical like I was here are four helpful articles:…/Cannabis-101-Revised-8.24.17.…

Love Michael (The Pusher) Josephson

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