Real Leadership

Real leadership is demonstrated when you show you care more about getting something done than about getting credit for doing it. – Michael Josephson

Great Leaders are Principled

Great leaders are principled; they are not merely effective, they are ethical. They adhere to moral principles In their objectives and methods. They engender trust and credibility because of their integrity and loyalty and because they care about their followers and treat them with respect. – Michael Josephson

Leaders Must Show They Care

Leaders must show they care. A leader is like a battalion commander who isn’t content to read the menus but insists on going into the mess hall to taste the food himself. Not only does he know more about what’s being fed to his subordinates, but he’s considered a better leader by his troops. – Peter Drucker.

MJ’s Personal Reflections

NEW FEATURE. – This is a  new feature for the WWM website consisting of journal-type entries of personal reflections of Michael Josephson. Welcome to the inner workings of my mind. These reflections aren’t full essays like my commentaries. Instead, they are snippets of thoughts dictated as I walk and illustrated by photos taken on my iPhone. I share these observations …

COMMENTARY: The Parable of Brother Leo

An old legend tells of a monastery in France well-known throughout Europe because of the extraordinary leadership of a man known only as Brother Leo. Several monks began a pilgrimage to visit Brother Leo to learn from him. Almost immediately the monks began to bicker over who should do various chores.