The Ethics of Hunting for Sport

I just can’t understand the ethics of hunting for sport. How can one get joy out of killing one of these animals for thrill or fun? I know there are a lot of good people who do hunt but I can’t understand any rationale for why it is okay. Can someone please explain this?

WORTH READING: The Moral Bucket List

by David Brooks When you meet someone that truly inspires you and you deeply admire, many people may wonder how this individual became such an upstanding person. David Brooks, an author for the The New York Times, wondered this same thing when he came across people in his life that radiated goodness, gratitude and virtue. Brooks came to the conclusion that …

Moral Judgement

Whether we’re talking politics or instructing our kids, we should use restraint in expressing MORAL JUDGEMENT. And we should do so in a way that promotes respect, reflection and discourse rather than resentment, resistance and disagreement.

Your Moral Compass

It doesn’t matter what road you take if your good sense and good values are your compass. You can’t get lost when you have your moral compass.