I AM TRUSTWORTHY. I tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, I keep my promises and maintain scrupulous integrity. I do the right thing even when it is costly and I honor my badge. See powerful banners and posters for police briefing rooms by the Josephson Institute Exemplary policing Center at https://lnkd.in/gn4s5rR #leadership#integrity #trust

Student Leadership Lecture in Downey, CA

This Saturday, Michael Josephson was honored to speak to a group of student leaders in Downey, CA on how to become an effective difference maker and productive student activist in their school and their community. Please enjoy the presentation Michael shared with the students here


FIXING WOMEN’S GYMNASTICS If you have been following the tragic drama of the Larry Nassar abuse of female athletes, particularly gymnasts, you should know as part of a recovery plan, USA Gymnastics has gathered the owners of the most influential gymnastic clubs in Indianapolis to confer with Exec Director. The smartest of them all is Anne Fell Josephson (back row, …

CNN Heroes Awards

With all dark news that promotes cynicism CNN Heroes Awards is uplifting. Watch or read about these good people who are making a difference. I will donate to all finalists who are working to heal the world. I hope you do so to.

Vulnerability: Loss of Power at Atlanta Airport

Loss of power at Atlanta airport causing travel crisis, regardless of cause, shows us how vulnerable we are to cyber-attack. Congress must make a concerted effort and major investment to quickly understand the vulnerabilities and devise solid solutions. The Russian election shenanigans (a benevolent sounding term for an act of war) could be just the tip off the ice berg. …

A Timeless Observation: The Right Answer

A timeless observation that seems particularly timely today. If it matters who said this more than what is said, you may be part of the problem.   “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seen to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the …

VIDEO: The Parable of the Cracked Pot

Each morning, a farmer went to a stream to fill two large clay pots hung on each end of a pole, which he carried across his neck. While one of the pots was perfect, the other had a crack in it causing it to leak during the entire long walk to the house. The perfect pot always delivered a full …

Notes to the Boss

Based on years of managing several organizations, including the Josephson Institute of Ethics, and on extensive consultation with large and small organizations, I’ve distilled much of what I believe and advocate into “Ten Truths.” I hope you find this list helpful. Feel free to share it with colleagues and friends.

Caring Heart

A caring heart that listens is often more valued than an intelligent mind that talks –from Love Quotes and Sayings

Be careful what you say.

Be careful what you say. Your words may be forgiven but they’ll never be forgotten. Words can really hurt. People often regret what they’ve said and almost never regret what they didn’t say.

Be cautious but not timid

Be cautious but not timid; believe you will succeed, but don’t be afraid of failing. Remember, every meaningful achievement is built on the foundation stones of false starts and failures. –Michael Josephson

Take the Wheel!

Every New Year allows you start a new phase of life’s journey with optimism and confidence. TAKE THE WHEEL as the captain of your own ship, chart your course,