Presidential National Character Counts Week Proclamation

Happy CHARACTER COUNTS! Week We hope you take the opportunity this week to reflect on the Six Pillars of Character and how you can improve yourself and your community! Below find both the President’s CHARACTER COUNTS! Week proclamation below: Presidential CHARACTER COUNTS! Week Proclamation Additionally, read the Senate’s CHARACTER COUNTS! Week proclamation here.

Your Character Determines Your Destiny

Watch your thoughts; they lead to attitudes. Watch your attitudes; they lead to words. Watch your words; they lead to actions. Watch your actions; they lead to habits. Watch your habits; they lead to character. Watch your character; it determines your destiny.

Develop Self-Discipline

Develop self-discipline. Self-discipline is the power to say no to yourself, to give something up now so you will get something you want even more in future.

A Little Faith

A little faith will bring your soul to heaven, But a lot of faith will bring heaven to your soul. – Dwight L. Moody

COMMENTARY: Working to Teach Character Together

When I talk to parents and teachers about the role of schools in teaching character someone usually points out that character development is and should be the primary concern of parents. Who can argue with that? Many of the attitudes and habits that make up character are learned at home. But they’re learned elsewhere as well — on the school …

Character may determine our fate, but character is not determined by fate, it’s determined by our choices. We must never forget how powerful character is in shaping our destiny, but we must also remember how powerful we are in shaping our character.   

Strive to be the person you hope your children think you are. There’s no doubt that our character has a profound effect on our future. What we must remember, however, is not merely how powerful character is in influencing our destiny, but how powerful we are in shaping our own  character and, therefore, our own destiny. Character may determine our fate, but character …

Do The Right Thing

People of character do the right thing even if no one else does, not because they think it will change the world but because they refuse to be changed by the world. – Michael Josephson

Your Character Becomes Your Destiny

  Watch your THOUGHTS, for they become words. Watch your WORDS, for they become actions. Watch your ACTIONS, for they become habits. Watch your HABITS, for they become character. Watch your CHARACTER, for it becomes your DESTINY. SaveSave

CHARACTER: You Can Always Get Better

Everyone is ethical in their own eyes. Beware of self delusion when assessing your own character or the ethics of your organization. It’s a dangerous form of hubris to be certain that “I would never do that”  or “It can’t happen here.” It’s easier to make a good organization better than a bad organization good.   – Michael Josephson

A Right To Do

How often do we hear someone defend against an action of wrongdoing by the claim that what they did was within the law? This defense may work n court but not at the gates of heaven. One has a right to do what is legal, that does not mean it is right to do it. The domain of ethics is …

The road you take matters.

Where you go in life and whether you enjoy the trip will be determined by your choices, not your circumstances. In your work life and your personal life you will face choices not merely on what to do but on how you will react or respond to things other did. Life’s turning points are not marked and they are not …

OBSERVATION: STIRRING THE POT MORE. The intensity of our belief that we are right does not convert our opinions into truth.

Reading the letters responding to my comments on gay rights  I have found that many of the people who have expressed an opinion — whether for or against gay rights  — exhibit the same tendency (one that I find very troubling) to demonize those with contrary views. I think it is just as bigoted of those who agree with my …

The 7 Cs of Character

The 7 Cs of Character by Michael Josephson CONSCIENCE. Your conscience is your moral compass. Take care of it. Use it. Trust it. COMPASSION. Nurture, express and demonstrate compassion by caring about, giving to and helping whomever you can, whenever you can in all ways that you can. CONSIDERATION. Be considerate. Always be aware of how your words and actions …