WORTH WATCHING: Understanding the LGBT World

I strongly recommend that anyone with strong feelings on the subject of homosexuality and gay rights watch these short videos and leave your comments – regardless of your position and how strongly you feel about it, take some time to hear some first hand perspectives.

Notes to the Boss

Based on years of managing several organizations, including the Josephson Institute of Ethics, and on extensive consultation with large and small organizations, I’ve distilled much of what I believe and advocate into “Ten Truths.” I hope you find this list helpful. Feel free to share it with colleagues and friends. (Or print this mini-poster version of the list.)

The Case for Endless Gratitude

This is a video you should watch regularly – perhaps once a month — really!  It introduces a perspective on gratitude that can enrich your life. TED presentation by Louie Schwartzberg – Gratitude and Beauty

Whether we want them or not, the New Year will bring new challenges; whether we seize them or not, the New Year will bring new opportunities. The year is ours to make of it what we will. – Michael Josephson


– even if you think you’re good enough. BE HONEST – even when others aren’t and it may cost

Beautiful Vintage Christmas Cards

Enjoy and share with friends. You might also enjoy this comprehensive collection of Best Xmas quotes Christmas & The Christmas Spirit: Best Ever Quotes on Christmas   Christmas & The Christmas Spirit: Best Ever Quotes on Christmas  

COMMENTARY: Ask What Can You Do for Your Country

In 1961, President John F. Kennedy, invoked my generation to “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” We are fortunate to live in a free and democratic society where millions of civilians and soldiers serve their fellow citizens.Today is Veteran’s Day and the weekend provided the nation a special …

COMMENTARY: Converting Pessimists Into Optimists

Every full life has its bright days and its dark days, its triumphs and defeats, its calm and stormy seas. All these high and low experiences could justify viewing the past through the lens of gratitude or disappointment. And the way we characterize our history will determine whether we look toward our future with hopeful expectations or anxious trepidation. Scientists …


Nine-Eleven. Two Numbers which took on new meaning on September 11, 2001. Since then, these numbers together have become a phrase that will forever be a prominent turning point event in American history.There is a natural tendency to repress painful lessons and the grief we experienced, yet we must not forget or fail to educate our children about what we …


[embedyt]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AW8puRqE4Sc[/embedyt] [embedyt]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZwqMS4wnu8[/embedyt]    

COMMENTARY: Competition in the Arts

Competition often brings out the best performance but it doesn’t always bring out the best in people. Even in the arts, actors, singers, dancers, and musicians must survive and thrive in a competitive community as rude and rough as any. Ambitious parents often introduce toxic gamesmanship and back-biting attitudes very early as their children are judged and ranked by the …

COMMENTARY: The Ultimate Solution to Bullying in Schools: A Student-Led Culture of Kindness

Olivia Gardner was a sixth grader in Northern California when her life began to unravel. It started when she suffered an epileptic seizure in front of her classmates. Immediately, the name-calling began. The hallway insults and ridicule — “freak,” “retard,” “weirdo” — escalated into cyber-bullying when a few particularly nasty students set up an “Olivia Haters” website. One student dragged …

Greatest Quotes on Patriotism

                He loves his country best who strives to make it best.  – Robert G. Ingersoll This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.  ~Elmer Davis I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives.  I …


See my previous comment on Flag Day http://whatwillmatter.com/2013/06/what-does-the-flag-mean-to-you-are-highest-noble-democratic-ideals-and-aspirations-embodied-in-our-founding-documents-infused-into-the-dna-of-the-american-flag/

Amazing Vintage Patriotic Photos & Postcards

Take a close look at these amazing photos of patriotic images consisting of nine to thirty thousands of soldiers taken in 1917 during WWI by Arthur Mole. Setting the photos up, dressing the men in the right colors and organizing them to stay put was incredible. But how did he get high enough to take the picture? There’s no Photoshop …

COMMENTARY 988.1: Saying the Right Thing

When someone you care about is suffering greatly, what’s the right thing to say to make him or her feel better? There are all sorts of traumas that can send us to the darkest dungeons of despair – the death of a loved one, being raped, getting a divorce, losing a limb, seeing a child sent to jail or on …